Trial Technologies offers a full-service suite of litigation support services to carry legal teams from complaint to case conceptualization to courtroom.

Expert Research & Trial Consultation

Mock trials, trial simulation studies, witness preparation, and more help you prepare the most effective possible case for trial, mediation, or arbitration.

Media Production

High quality demonstrative media helps you state your case visually. We help you tell a more compelling story, with legal video services, powerpoint presentations, settlement documentaries, and more.

Trial Presentation

Professional Courtroom Presenters ensure a seamless trial. We help you with courtroom configuration, AV equipment and internet setup, and in-trial presentation.

Case Management

We understand issues of preservation, spoliation and dataset reduction that are essential in managing the costs of discovery, and in mitigating the risk of potential sanctions and adverse inference instructions.


We're proud to work in joint venture with the firm Kurtz, Richards, Wilson & Co. to provide services for private investigation. KRW has a 45 year history of combined experience which covers a full range of needs.

Secure Evidence Storage

We work in cooperation with Secure Evidence Storage Co. to provide secure evidence storage. SESCO has been in business since 1981, and provides a complete facility, which includes...

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