Case Management

Keep on track, finish on top.

Case Management

Keep on track, finish on top.

Data Recovery

We understand issues of preservation, spoliation and dataset reduction that are essential in managing the costs of discovery, and in mitigating the risk of potential sanctions and adverse inference instructions. Trial Technologies has significant expertise in providing consultation, project management and collection services that are forensically sound, legally defensible and cost conscious.

We provide:

  • Initial IT and archival analysis
  • Preservation plans
  • Identification of data sources
  • Forensic analysis
  • Data imaging
  • Tape restoration

Web Repository (for Class actions)

Web repositories provide users (i.e., trial team, co-counsel, experts, etc.) accessibility from anywhere at any time. Trial Technologies offers a number of applications with features and functionalities to match your preference. In addition, we provide concept-search tools which allow you to find, analyze, review, and reduce your data quickly by conducting relational searches.

We provide:

  • Initial hosting and repository set-up and planning
  • Comprehensive user training and technical support
  • Design of document review protocol
  • Database, hosting, and web repository administration
  • Hosting of application

Scanning / Database Creation

The project management process involves accuracy and timely delivery of document imaging projects for our clients.

Support for Our Document Imaging Services

Our document imaging and management support team follows strict quality control guidelines. Our document imaging services are also backed up by sister departments:

Data Conversion
  • PDF & TIFF Document Conversion
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Machine Translation
Nationwide Litigation Support
  • Document Review
  • Document Coding
  • Document Translation

X-Ray Film Scanning and Digitizing Services

We can scan all types of x-ray film, up to size 14″x17″ we use high resolution and state-of-the-art compression, and can handle both grayscale and conventional x-ray films.

E-data Discovery

With the many variables related to electronic data discovery (EDD), it is critical to have confidence in the provider you select to manage your information. As EDD technology advances, firm selection becomes more about discovery consulting, strategic decision-making, and execution.

Our electronic data discovery (EDD) consultants have backgrounds in application development, database administration, data management, information technologies, and litigation support. They are highly skilled in applying and leveraging EDD technologies to produce results that meet the specific objectives and requirements of your EDD work.

We provide:

  • Consultation, project planning, and deadline management
  • Data recovery, analysis, and reduction
  • E-file processing, e-mail conversion, and custom tailored solutions
  • Detailed intake, tracking, and quality control of data


Imaging is the process of converting paper documents into electronic files.

Imaged documents can easily be burned to CDs or DVDs, which are capable of storing 10,000 or more pages per disc. Because imaged files take up much less space than paper documents, they are a fast and economical way to produce documents to opposing counsel during the discovery process.

Once a document is imaged, it can be printed repeatedly without the usual degradation experienced with photo copying. (The process of printing out electronic files is referred to as blowbacks).


Coding is the extraction and indexing of key information relating to a specific document.

Finding critical information in a large population of documents can be problematic. Our approach is to code (or index) the relevant information from each document. This information is then prepared in a load file specific to your litigation management software (i.e., SummationConcordance).

Our coders read each document and extract information such as Author, Recipient, Copyee, Date, Document Type, Document Title, Beginning Bates number, Ending Bates number, and so forth. This information is entered into the database where it can then be used to form searches.

Each coding project is designed specifically to match the client’s needs. In addition to coding, documents are often OCR’d to enable the full text searching of a document.


Concordance makes it easy to identify, organize and analyze case-critical information so that you can collaborate and share across your firm or around the world.

CT Summation

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