Trial Presentation

Choose state-of-the-art, professional, & precise.

Trial Presentation

Choose state-of-the-art, professional, & precise.


Trial Technologies can provide PowerPoint services for any level of need:

  • From custom design templates, we focus on your specific requirements and match them with solutions to dynamically present your case.
  • Our designers work with you to develop presentations which have graphic visual impact to enhance your message or argument.
  • We assist you in reducing complex information into simple to follow visual sequences for the jury.
  • We define your presentation needs, and then build and edit the files, and refine them to maximize effectiveness.
  • Interactive displays such as reveal charts, check charts, and maps will illustrate a change of events for the jurors. Information is introduced when desired, so jurors cannot get ahead of you, and are led at your control and pace.

Powerpoint is useful for:

  • Mediations / arbitrations
  • Conceptualizing arguments
  • Shaping opening / closing arguments


Powerpoint Samples

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  • Courtroom configuration
  • Jury consultation
  • On-the-fly depo excerpts and documents


We can provide all the equipment you need for your trial presentation. Your presentation technology is only as good as the equipment you use to present it.

A successful courtroom presentation involves many details, for which reliable, state-of-the-art equipment is essential.

For PowerPoint or digital trial software (Sanction or Trial Director), we recommend using our complete trial computer systems which include:

  • Computer
  • LCD monitor
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

We can provide an extra monitor for the judge’s use, if requested.

For presenting exhibits manually, our ELMO Digital Document Presenters capture high-resolution, super-bright images. They can be top lit for showing paper documents or 3-dimensional items (i.e. keys), or back lit for use with x-rays and transparencies. Focusing is automatic, and you can manually zoom in on exhibits. The ELMO captures the image digitally, and is used in conjunction with a digital projector and screen.

Available equipment:

  • High resolution projectors
  • Da-Lite projection screens
  • Different sized flat screen monitors
  • A/V carts
  • Audio equipment / speakers
  • All cabling
  • 42"-60" Plasmas
  • Laptops
  • Digital Elmos
  • Extron A/V Switchers
  • DVD/VCR Players
  • Wireless components

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We’ve worked on some of the largest civil verdicts in history, with experience in over four hundred jury trials to verdict. We are proud to have prominent attorneys as our loyal clients.

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